5 Areas of Focus for Marketing During the Off Season

Coming up with your marketing goal for next year doesn’t have to be complicated, think about a new promotion or service you want to share, what goal do you want to accomplish, who do you want to target, and how are you going to communicate your business to your target customer? Once you’ve determined what you want to focus your marketing on, it’s time to plan it sooner than later.

Planning and setting up your marketing strategy goal early will ensure your customers are aware of your services and promotions ahead of time. When the season comes for the service they need, they will already know to contact your business for it. Here are some tips on the best use of your time during the off season to make your marketing successful for you:

1: Create a Marketing and Content Calendar

A content and promotions calendar is a document/schedule of when and where you plan on promoting upcoming content. Are you planning on promoting lawn fertilization in the fall on Facebook? Are you considering promoting your snow removal services in December on your website? Or perhaps you will be offering a new service in the early spring for which you need to create an email and postcard mailing promotion. Whatever the content, and the platform, creating a calendar-based plan for your content will provide your business with a structured view of how and when you will share things. It will also help you keep track of the details and timing of what you completed in the past so you can create continuity across your business.

Customers will respond to the value that this provides as it will allow for a feeling of predictability from you within the marketplace. For example, if you always offer discounts on irrigation system winterization in the month of October, clients will want to see these promotions advertised in September and it will remind them that once again it is time to contact you for this annual service.

2: Updates to Your Website

Your website is the forefront of your business, so it’s essential to keep it effective and up to date. Make sure that your website banner routinely displays promotions, service, and projects that you can provide to customers in the coming year. Also consider that your website can contain a lot more than just how to reach you for a service. Customers are not just looking for a service, but they are looking for an experienced partner for their commercial or residential space. Consider these tips to make your website stand out from the rest:

  • Add a blog to your web page where you can add links and information to relevant industry and product news
  • Offer tips and advice for both new and long-time home owners on green industry issues
  • Create a photo gallery of your most recent projects, and make sure to feature empowering before/after photos to really convey the story of how you transformed a project
  • Include a section for comments or testimonials from satisfied clients
  • Include links on your contact page to your social profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn so customers can get a full understanding of your company and the incredible work you do
  • Make sure you have a contact form that potential customers can quickly and easily fill out online to join your mailing list to hear about upcoming promotions/ways to save with you

3: Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB), is a simple and free tool that Google offers which you can use to provide your business with many benefits. Since an overwhelming 97% of people search for local services and businesses online, your next client is likely looking on their smart phone or computer to find you. This is where Google can help. Customers, more likely than not, are using the search feature when they use Google instead of going directly to a business website address that they don’t even know.  Thus, Google is a vital resource as it is used for 90% of all online searches, and Google reports that at least half of those queries are from people searching for local services.

Take some time this off-season to be sure you are keeping your GMB information up to date with your contact information, as well seasonal hours, and other important service and product information. In addition, if you haven’t yet “claimed” your Google My Business page, you may be missing out on turning those Google searchers into valuable customers. If you’re not set up on GMB yet, it can be done in just a few easy steps. Take a look at our previous article on how to get set up.

4: Marketing Materials

While the world often appears to revolve around internet searches and digital marketing, there is a still a strong need for individualized communication strategies. This can mean we still need to spend some time focusing on writing emails and updating printed materials. Use this time in the off season to:

  • Re-design any company catalogs. Check to make sure all the products and services you usually offer will be available again for 2022. Perhaps there are some exciting new products to get information about and offer to your customers
  • Get head shots and bios on new employees or staff that have joined your team this year
  • Update postcard mailers, door hangers, and other printed materials to reflect your offerings for 2022
  • Consider if you have invested in promotional giveaways in the past, and if you would like to continue to utilize this as part of your marketing strategy for next year. Don’t get stuck in long wait times to order and receive customized pens, face masks, coffee mugs, keychains, or t-shirts once the holiday season and school booster club orders begin

5: Try Something New

The off-season is a great time to try something new for marketing your business. Perhaps you haven’t tried social media advertising or sending a weekly/monthly email newsletter yet. While it is very easy to just keep using the same methods you are comfortable with, good marketing isn’t a static process. It’s an always evolving, dynamic mix of constantly adjusting to new experimental and engaging strategies. You won’t lose customers by trying something new, and you may just be able to grab their attention in exciting and innovative new ways.

Take some time to dip your toes in a new marketing pool, and you might just catch a big fish! And over time, if you find that some of the new strategies work better than the old strategies, you can update your Marketing and Content Calendar to reflect which processes you will focus on using moving forward.


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