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Want to Make Blowouts Even Easier and More Profitable? Do This Now.

It's the smartest investment you can make before irrigation winterization season hits.

It's not an extra air hose or a bigger variety of adapter fittings to help you connect to those odd-ball systems. (you have those already, right?)


Each year you endure the hassles of renting compressors for winterizations.

Will your rental yard have a good unit available? Will it run the whole day or die when you're only halfway finished?

And the rental rates they're charging this season. The payback from having your own unit is significant!

Central makes it easy to own a compressor for winterization. The skid-mounted Rotair VRK220 has a reliable Honda engine and fits easily into a standard pickup bed. It's reliable and priced-right. Residential guys love this one. (At some Central stores, we're renting these on a trial basis. Once you try, we know you will want to buy!)

For more CFM, the towable MDVN compressors are equipped with reliable diesel engines. They're great for larger projects including commercial sites and golf courses.

Ask your Central representative for our Fall Compressor pricing sheet and financing options. Then have your best and most profitable winterization season ever!