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New Nexus Wireless Valves from Tucor

Works well for new installs or to reconnect isolated valves!

Tucor's Nexus Wireless Valve Control is a complete wireless system for powering and operating your new or existing DC latching valves. The Nexus Wireless Valve Control System can connect irrigation valves, pump start relays, and soil moisture sensors to any manufacturers' controller with these capacities.

  • The remote radio provides signal to either open or close a standard latching solenoid
  • Nexus Base available in 2 or 6 valve capacities in Point to Point or Star Configurations
  • Nexus Link available in 8 valve increments up to 96 total with repeater and mesh configurations
  • The WVR comes mounted in a 12" water resistant ground level box with external antenna
  • Nexus Base can be used with all manufacturers' controllers, both decoder and standard terminal output.
  • Because the radio only momentarily energizes its output per request, the lithium-ion battery can operate for several years depending on scheduling frequency