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Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Compact Utility Loader

There are some great benefits to buying a compact utility loader to enhance your operation:

Your team members will love you. With a sizzling hot summer ahead, tasks that were easier in spring are only going to get harder. Replacing muscle power with engine power keeps your valuable team members happier and more productive. You'll be able to get a variety of tough tasks done in the most efficient and affordable manner possible.

Reduce the pressure of finding new employees. A new machine like a Toro Dingo can do the work of 2-3 men in the same amount of time. And a new machine offers day-in, day-out dependability and doesn"t complain about the heat, humidity or dusty work conditions.

Say "yes" to bigger and more complex jobs. Taking advantage of the many attachments offered with today's compact machines will allow you to tackle projects ranging from site prep to installation of large-diameter drainage lines. Many refer to the Toro Dingo as a "Swiss army knife" because it can morph into over dozen different machines in one. It's no secret that larger jobs can be extremely profitable, but only if you have the right equipment to get them done efficiently.

Enjoy maneuverability that gets a machine into small yards. The portability and versatility of the Toro Dingo lets you work in confined spaces, making it especially useful in residential and small commercial sites. Plus the machine's weight is well distributed on the tracks, so it cause less disruption on existing lawns.

Get the machine you need now. Manufacturer incentives including discounts or financing make it easier to acquire a machine earlier in the year, instead of waiting for fall when you have more funds.

Save labor and get more done. Ask your Central representative about all of the jobs you can do and the labor that you'll save with a new Toro Dingo.