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Combat the Summer Slump--Ideas to Stay Motivated in the Hottest Month

Combine hot temperatures, humidity, long days and grumpy customers and you have the recipe for the dreaded "dog days of summer".

It's the time of year when it's really hard to maintain productivity. Your team members are heat stressed. Customers are less patient. And your motivation as a leader is wearing thin.

Here are some essentials to maintain your sanity and keep your business going strong in August:

Keep the right perspective. Yes, it's stressful and difficult. But celebrate the fact that you are successful and that customers keep calling. Adopt an "attitude of gratitude" and thank your customers and your employees for supporting your business during the hottest month of the year.

Break the routine. After a while, doing the same old thing can be a real grind. Find ways to keep things fresh by changing up work schedules, moving meeting locations or otherwise escaping the same-old while still staying productive. For managers, get out of the office and to an alternate workspace. You'll find productivity comes easier and the new perspective will bring new ideas.

Commit to excellent service. Keep answering the phone, returning calls and getting back with clients promptly. Don't let paperwork, quotes or other things pile up. Customers expect consistent service levels year 'round, even when you're stressed or busy. Don't slip up and give your competitor a chance.

Say thanks to team members and their families. Send gifts home to workers families to let them know how much you appreciate their support to your team members during these busy months. Hold company picnics, days at the ballpark or other events

Plan ahead. Cooler weather and fall services are ahead. August is a great time to plan a management retreat to an off-site location to set promotional and operational strategies for fall and winter services like aeration, landscape lighting, turf renovation and snow removal. Setting plans for these services now will help you maximize your opportunities in the months ahead.