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Help Your Customers Eliminate Mosquitoes, Ticks and Other Summer Pests

Health officials are worried about the spread of Zika virus and expect a significant fight this summer to keep it in check. In addition, many communities are predicting a return of other mosquito and tick-borne pathogens like West Nile and Lyme disease. State and local health organizations are encouraging property owners to take immediate proactive measures to control mosquitoes.

Because landscape and irrigation professionals are closely involved with the outdoor maintenance of their customers' properties, offering mosquito control products and services is a natural extension of this opportunity. Central can help you create a profitable new service for your customers who need help with pest management.

Central offers several different products that can be used for control of mosquitoes, ticks and other outdoor pests:

For Mosquitoes, Ticks and Other Nuisance Insects

  • Central's own Organic Insect Control can be applied with a backpack sprayer or outdoor fogger and provides control of pests in outdoor living spaces. The formula is safe for humans and pets and does not harm bees and other pollinators. A 32oz bottle treats 250,000 square feet. The product can be applied by the contractor before outdoor events or parties, or as part of regular site visits.

  • Central also offers the Nature Shield organic insect control system from Rid O' Rust that can be applied through a sprinkler system. An injector is placed in the irrigation mainline and product can be added during the irrigation cycle.

    For Deer, Rabbits and Geese

  • For controlling browsing deer and rabbits, Central offers Deer Scram, a granular product that can be placed around valued plants to encourage these animals to find their meal elsewhere. If customers are finding their annuals, perennials, vegetables or shrubbery are getting munched, apply Deer Scram.

  • To discourage migrating Canadian Geese from taking up residence, Central offers Goose Scram, a granular repellant.

    Let your Central representative know how we can help with your outdoor pest control needs.