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Planning for a Strong Second Half--Ideas and Resources to Boost Fall and Winter Sales

Every landscape professional understands the "spring rush", the surge of work that comes after winter. Only a few recognize and plan for sales growth and profits during the fall months.

Take these two steps to maximize your sales and profits in the months ahead:

Step 1: Select your profitable fall and winter services.

Lawns that are suffering from poor soils or compaction benefit greatly from fall aeration. With the right equipment, aeration can be done quickly and profitably. It's a service that can be offered by lawn care, landscape or irrigation contractors.

Turf renovation
Many lawns that started the season looking marginal now appear even worse after the stresses of summer heat and turf disease. Whole-yard turf renovation sells well in the fall. It's the right time to help customers get the lawn they've been dreaming of.

Landscape lighting
Shorter days and cooler temperatures get customers back outside to enjoy outdoor living spaces. Professional lighting extends the use of outdoor spaces and keeps them safe for visitors.

Fall fertilization
A fall application of fertilizer is an essential step in getting turf ready to endure the winter. Get customers signed up for fall applications now.

Irrigation winterization
Systems must be professionally drained ahead of freezing weather. Be proactive in contacting all of your accounts early to get winterization dates scheduled in advance.

Snow and ice management
The early-bird contractor grabs the best accounts by marketing snow services as early as August. The best accounts offer the best revenue opportunities with the least amount of hassles. (Bonus: click the "Contractor Tips" button at the top of the page to download our free guide "6 Ways to Take the Hassles Out of Snow Season")

Step 2: Make marketing and operational plans

Experienced contractors know fall and winter services take more aggressive marketing efforts to get customers engaged.Plus many require specialized equipment to accomplish.

Assemble a team and prepare your fall and winter marketing and operational plans. Gather your company leaders to set your strategy. Select one person to lead the discussion and record action items.

  • Identify target customers for each service. Set realistic revenue goals.
  • Review your equipment and identify needed upgrades in order to have the right assets to get the work accomplished.
  • Take advantage of pre-season specials on supplies like fertilizer, seed and ice melt to maximize profits.
  • Plan customer communications like emails, postcards, statement stuffers, truck signs and more to create a holistic marketing push on fall services. Invest in the right tools to get your message out.