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What's The Secret to Maximum Fertilizer Application Efficiency & Profits?

The right equipment makes all the difference. The PermaGreen, the industry's first stand-on spreader sprayer, revolutionized the industry over 20 years ago with a smarter approach.

This spring join thousands of other contractors who are benefitting from a better way. Order a Permagreen to accelerate your productivity and profits.

The PermaGreen advantage is simple: a single high-performance machine that works across all properties, every day. Other spreader sprayers tend to be too large or cumbersome to do a majority of your properties. They sit on the truck half the week, while you lose out on your investment.

The PermaGreen fits through 36" gates and zips around tiny properties while also being able to spread and spray an Acre in 15 minutes!

With PermaGreen you will:

  • Increase Profits One machine can treat all properties, from tight residential backyards to large commercial sites. Start in the morning and go all day with one go-everywhere solution.
  • Reduce Callbacks Apply product with precision, treating your clients' problem areas as needed without wasting product where it's not.
  • Work Smarter, Not Harder The Permagreen increased productivity dramatically versus pushing a spreader or pulling a hose. You work less while getting more done in a day. Employees stay happier and have more fun.
  • Ask your Central representative for a demo and more information.

    Don't delay. The sooner you have PermaGreen, the easier your life becomes.

    "Swingle has used PermaGreen since 2006. We see a 30 percent increase in daily production per technician in residential lawn care...and employees are happy at the end of the day, much less tired and come to work refreshed and ready to go. This machine helps retain employees who may otherwise move on to another career." - Tom Lynch, Swingle Lawn, Tree and Landscape (a Top 100 Landscape Contractor in US)