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The Booming Business in Critter Repellants

Since the early '90s, reported cases of Lyme disease have tripled, to about 30,000 cases each year. Lyme is now present in more than 260 counties, the CDC reported in 2015. The disease shows up in Maine, swoops down the East Coast into Washington, D.C., and southern Virginia. Then it hops to the Midwest into northern Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

The reasons for this Lyme explosion are many. Climate change is part of it. The surge in deer--which feed ticks and spread them around--has also been a factor. But there is another reason, something that happened more than 200 years ago.

When the Europeans came here hundreds of years ago, they clear-cut nearly all of the forests to plant crops, raise livestock, make masts for ships, and for firewood.

Since then a lot of the forest has come back--but it's not the same forest as before. Today it's all broken up into little pieces, with roads, farms and housing developments. For mice, this has been great news, because it leaves little room for their predators. Without as many foxes, hawks and owls to eat them, mice crank out babies. And we end up with forests packed with mice--mice that are chronically infected with Lyme and covered with ticks.

By building their homes in these beautiful areas, people may be putting themselves at risk for Lyme every single day without even knowing it. Most people catch Lyme around their homes, while out gardening, playing in their backyard, or mowing the lawn.

Central offers several different products that can be used for control of ticks, mosquitoes and other outdoor pests:

For Ticks, Mosquitoes and Other Nuisance Insects

  • Central's own Organic Insect Control can be applied with a backpack sprayer or outdoor fogger and provides control of pests in outdoor living spaces. The formula is safe for humans and pets and does not harm bees and other pollinators. A 32oz bottle treats 250,000 square feet. The product can be applied by the contractor before outdoor events or parties, or as part of regular site visits.

  • Central also offers the Nature Shield organic insect control system from Rid O' Rust that can be applied through a sprinkler system. An injector is placed in the irrigation mainline and product can be added during the irrigation cycle.

    For Deer

  • For controlling browsing deer, Central offers Deer Scram, a granular product that can be placed around valued plants to encourage these animals to find their meal elsewhere. If customers are finding their annuals, perennials, vegetables or shrubbery are getting munched, apply Deer Scram.

    Let your Central representative know how we can help with your outdoor pest control needs.