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"How's The Season So Far?" Contractors Share Their Insights

Central did a quick check in with contractors around our market areas to find out how the season is going and to learn

How is the season been so far?

  • "A mixed bag. Homeowners have money and seem very ready to spend. But the weather has held us back from turning demand into new installations." - Robert, New York
  • "We're up double-digits. We started marketing early and kept promoting. We feel this early planning put us ahead of other contractors in our market area." - Jeff, Michigan
  • "We've had to turn away work. Our biggest challenge is having enough people to get it done. We are glad we bought some new machines early in the season. They've cut back some on manual labor." - Gene, Georgia
  • "We wish it would dry out!" - Pat, Illinois
  • What trends do you see that will impact your business in the second half of the year?

  • "We're planning to make a push on landscape lighting. When irrigation is slow, it always seems to sell well for us. I think consumers now understand the difference between professional systems and the hardware store kits, so it's taking off." - Hector, New York
  • "Mosquito and tick control. We were surprised this is turning out to be a great new add-on for us". - Jamie, Connecticut
  • "It's been super wet here lately. We're getting inquiries about drainage. There aren't many people providing drainage services in our area, so we think we can do well with it this fall." - Angelo, Illinois
  • "Wi-Fi controllers. We're surprised that homeowners are buying them online and installing themselves. We've got to figure out which one we want to push and get ahead of those sales." - Kris, Rhode Island
  • What advice would you give other professionals?

  • "Stop stealing my employees." - Aaron, Georgia
  • "There's plenty of work out there. Stop hurting yourself and the market with giveaway prices." - Lebo, Missouri
  • "When the weather gives you lemons, change your strategy. My guys said they couldn't sell outdoor audio or landscape lights. Both have been essential to us this year!" - Jacob, New Jersey