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3 Ways to Sell More Landscape Lighting Installations This Fall

When the leaves fall, landscape lighting sales rise. As days get shorter, the need for proper lighting in outdoor areas becomes more obvious. With the growing season coming to an close, it's a great time to start promoting lighting. Here are three great ways to boost lighting sales:

Connect with current customers. You'll be surprised by how many inquiries you receive for professionally-installed lighting simply by letting your existing customers know you offer the service. Include stuffers in your fall invoices. Leave flyers behind when you do fall fertilization and irrigation winterization service visits. Send an email campaign to your clients.

Offer demonstrations. Your sales team has more time to invest in setting up lighting demonstrations. Demo installations are a great way for clients to experience the full impact of professional lighting in a portion of their landscape. Identify some key clients where you can set up a trial system using a demo kit. (If you need a demo kit, ask your Central representative.) The key to a good demo is to leave it in place for at least a week, so the customer can experience it for several nights. Use a photocell to switch the lights on and off automatically.

Offer the option. The contractors who do best with lighting are the ones who offer it with every project. Persistence and repetition pay off. Experienced pros know that even if only 2 out of 10 customers say yes, they've increased their sales up to 20%. Whether they're installing plantings, irrigation or performing lawn renovation, leading landscape lighting professionals never fail to propose lighting.