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Advanced Landscape Lighting System Sets the Mood at New Jersey Event Center

Elegant Ambiance Assured with FX Luminaire System from Central Turf & Irrigation Supply

When planners for the Park Chateau Estate and Gardens approached design of the facility's landscape lighting, they knew they would need something truly exceptional.

The facility, based in East Brunswick, New Jersey, is designed to host high-end weddings and special events. Combining world-class architecture in an a regal French-style together with over 15 acres of manicured grounds emulating fine European gardens, the facility is a true landmark. For the lighting, the owners wanted a system that would both "wow" with impact as well as maintain safe passage throughout the grounds.

The landscape contractor, Irrigation and Landscape Management, turned to Central for ideas on planning the landscape lighting system to meet these special requirements. Guided by Central's extensive knowledge, the contractor recommended an FX Luminaire system that would allow for zoning, dimming and color control of each fixture. With this system, the overall lighting could be specifically tuned event-by-event based on the time of year and the client's preferences.

Over 150 FX fixtures are used to both accent the architecture as well as to create ambient light for safety and security. The Luxor ZDC lighting system allows app-based control of each group of fixtures and infinite selection of color options. The system operates from 7 transformers scattered throughout the site.

As experts in the new technology, Central Turf & Irrigation Supply consulted with the installers and the owner to assure the finished system was delivered on time for the facility opening in April 2017.

Project Snapshot:

Contractor Partner: Irrigation & Landscape Management

Project: Park Chateau Estate and Gardens, a 15-acre heavily landscaped facility for high-end parties and receptions.

Products Used: FX Luminaire fixtures, transformers and lighting controls.