Central Turf & Irrigation Supply


Lock in Profits for Spring and Summer with Early Order Programs

Should professional contractors carefully consider early order programs? Absolutely, say leading contractors and industry experts.

These programs offer you the potential to lock in lower pricing on the fertilizer and other chemicals you're going to need during the year, plus offer attractive payment and delivery options.

"Our strategy is to commit to 80% to 90% of the product we forecast we're going to need during the season." said Travis Ayers, President of Ayers Landscape & Irrigation. "We get best product cost on the majority of what we will need, while still having the flexibility we need for changes in weather or customer base. I don't know why more contractors don't do this. We guarantee ourselves a 5% boost in our bottom line, just by ordering at the right time."

Central's program allows professionals to place orders before year-end 2016 and to take delivery of supplies in 2017. Contractors can collaborate with their Central representative on selecting the appropriate high-performance products. (There's no requirement to buy a certain mix or blend of items, the contractor can choose what works best for his company and clients.) Central's team works with the contractor to plan deliveries. "Having the right product in my storage building when the weather turns makes a big difference for us." says Ken Bethel, General Manager of Chapman Landscape Services. "We can get a jump on weed and insect problems immediately when there's a sudden warm spell or wet conditions."

Meet with your Central representative to review the program for 2017 and to learn how it can be productive and profitable for you.