Central Turf & Irrigation Supply


5 Important Questions to Ask About Central Control

Considering a central control system? Our irrigation specialists can help. Here are some questions to ask:

  • Will the control system talk/integrate with a pump station? Which manufacturer's pump system can each manufacturer's central controllers integrate with and what will the integration get you? Minimally you want pressure, flow and pump status information.
  • Will the central communicate with soil moisture sensors? Do the sensors have their own software or is it part of the central control system software? How is the sensor communicating back to the central controller? Is it wired or wireless or both? Can the software adjust the irrigation schedule automatically?
  • What are the central controller's remote control options? All the manufacturers have handheld radios with a million key strokes to do what you want, but in today's day and age shouldn't you be able to operate your system from a smart device? Does the manufacturer have an app?
  • Do you want to have a weather station and connect to it from the central control system? Do you run wire to it or use radio? Is a weather station still the best investment for getting weather data for your course or is an app or other type of sensing equipment better?
  • If you have an existing lightning detection system or purchasing a new one, do you want to have it interact with the irrigation controls to disconnect communication and power connections during electrical storms?