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Three Important Industry Trends to Know in 2017

Many exciting new products are being introduced at the winter trade shows this year.

As the industry prepares for what promises to be a year of strong growth, big changes are happening. What trends could help you be more successful?

Here are three key trends to watch in 2017:

Internet-connected irrigation controllers go mainstream. While Central has offered "smart controllers" and "wi-fi controllers" for many years now, the industry is about to see this category explode. Consumers are now accustomed to using apps and mobile devices. Now those same devices will be used to program, control and monitor irrigation systems. Be sure to check out the latest products from Rachio, Hunter, Rain Bird and others.

Organic fertilizer and pest control solutions take off. With a growing movement towards "going green", consumers are looking for new options from their lawn care providers. Manufacturers and formulators have responded by developing all-natural nutrient and pest control solutions that are safer for humans, pets and the environment. Ask your Central representative for an update on solutions available in your area.

Landscape lighting continues double-digit growth. Once a luxury item for large estate homes, professionally installed landscape lighting is now part of nearly every landscape project. Smart contractors are offering lighting options as part of every landscape installation or remodel and are enjoying excellent consumer response. New LED technology has made lighting easier to install too. Make 2017 the year you get serious about growing with lighting.

These are just a few of the important industry trends that can benefit your company's success. Meet with your Central representative to learn more.