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New Lighting Controls = New Sales Opportunities for Contractors

New trends in landscape lighting technology are creating new sales opportunities for professional contractors. Professionals can now offer their clients a growing selection of exciting options which can be added to both new installations and retrofitted to existing landscape lighting systems.

Controls Get Smarter and More Convenient.

Forget the days of a mechanical lamp timer in a landscape lighting transformer. Manufacturers are making big leaps forward in providing better controls for landscape lighting. New control options offer energy savings and added customer convenience.

Most popular are control packages that offer the homeowner the ability to command lights from a phone or tablet with a mobile app. With these systems, the customer can manage the landscape lighting system from anywhere in the home, indoors or outdoors and can set timing functions as well as directly switch the lights on or off.

The best-selling system for mobile control is Unique's Light Logic. It sets up easily with both new installations and retrofits. A simple plug-in module replaces the traditional mechanical timer in the transformer. A bridge installed at the customer's internet router enables wireless control through mobile devices.

With many landscape lighting systems still operating with simple switches or timers, forward-thinking contractors are marketing upgrade packages to help their existing clients adopt new technology.

Zone Control and Dimming Functions

More sophisticated control systems also allow individual fixtures to be individually controlled. This opens up many new possibilities for the lighting designer.

Fixtures can be assigned to groups to create different lighting "scenes" based on the customer's use of the property. For example, pathway lighting can be separated from decorative lighting. Fixtures over cooking or dining areas can be switched on only when needed. By grouping fixtures, different levels of light can be created for entertaining, security and outdoor activities.

Dimming adds another dimension of light management, enabling different fixture groups to be tuned to different levels. This can aid in creating different lighting moods for different activities.

FX Luminaire's Luxor has the most popular zone and dimming functions for LED systems. It uses decoder-based technology that allows each fixture to be addressed individually from the control panel or mobile app. The system initially required use of FX-branded fixtures in order to achieve the zoning and dimming functions. The recent introduction of the ZDC MR-16 retrofit lamps and the CUBE fixture control now allow Luxor to work with other brands of fixtures adding to its popularity with contractors who mix and match lighting brands.

Color Comes to Landscape Lighting

Just a few years ago, the only way to add color into landscape lighting was to install lenses and filters onto each fixture by hand. If customers wanted red or green lights for the Christmas holidays or blue for Hanukah, the contractor had to order special lenses and had to install them right before the holidays.

With LED came light diodes that are color-changing RGB (which stands for red/green/blue). Using an array of these diodes with sophisticated technology allows the user to tune any color hue desired. Lights can support a sports team, charitable cause or holiday.

Don't think color in lighting is just about bright tones and special events. Color can also be used to change moods and create unique settings. Think of how color is used in stage lighting. Warmer colors can be used to illuminate intimate gatherings. Brighter colors can create theatrical effects and energy.

FX Luminare's Luxor ZDC (Zoning/Dimming/Color) offers the full range of lighting control options. Many contractors consider it the "Rolls Royce" of lighting options and proudly offer it to clients as the ultimate upgrade. They recommend it for installations where the customer frequently uses outdoor living spaces for family activities and entertaining.

Start Selling Today

Tap into sales opportunities by actively marketing these new options to your customers. On quotations for new installations, include a menu of control options that customers can add on to their systems. You will be surprised how often customers elect to choose mobile-based control. For clients with existing lighting, encourage them to invest in new controls for greater enjoyment of their outdoor spaces.

Ask your Central representative for sales brochures, pricing and other presentation materials to close the sale. We're here to help.