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Central is Helping You Install a Better Irrigation System

Visit a Central store this month and you'll learn about an exclusive offer we're providing to help irrigation professionals install better systems: A Free Upgrade to a Pressure Regulating Body on PGP-Ultra and I-20 Rotors.

Pressure regulation at the sprinkler head insures optimum nozzle performance and eliminates water waste. By installing pressure-regulating sprinklers for your customers, you're giving them the benefit of up to 40% water savings over the life of the system.

A typical mid-range rotor operates optimally at 45PSI. Just 10 PSI more at the sprinkler (55PSI, which is on the low side of static pressures of many municipal water systems) can result in waste of 10%-15% of the water applied due to misting and fogging.

Grab some pressure regulated Hunter rotors this month to experience the difference. And be sure to point out to clients the advantage that you're providing.

Ask your Central representative about our full offering of pressure-regulating products from sprinklers to valves to dripline.