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How Can Central Save You From Equipment Downtime?

There's nothing worse than having a crew standing around when a machine breaks down. Downtime leads to missed deadlines and lost opportunity. A few simple steps can help you keep equipment running in top condition. Central can help you stock the right repair parts to deal with unexpected emergencies.

Do a quick checkup every morning. Put together an equipment maintenance checklist that gets reviewed each morning before the team leaves for the day.

The most important thing is to check the oil. Most engines will slowly start to burn oil, especially those with over 1,000 hours or out of the traditional warranty period. If oil isn't properly added, you're headed for a lack of lubrication failure and the need to replace at minimum the short block and in many cases the entire engine. One minute of effort can prevent a $1,000 failure. Central stocks equipment oil at each of our store locations so your team members have a convenient source.

Change air filters. Replacing air filters is an essential part of equipment maintenance. Clogged filters cause the engine to run too rich, leading to carbon buildup and inefficient operation. When you change a filter, buy a spare so you have it when you need it. They're inexpensive and worth the investment.

Sharpen or replace worn blades. Sharp blades give a crisp cut. When the grass cuts easily, that reduces stress to belts, pulleys, sprockets and other drive components that are prone to wear.

Ask for a list of your machines' common spare parts. You never know when a belt is going to break, so better to have a couple of spares on hand. Central can help you access a full range of replacement parts for leading-brand products like Exmark, Toro, Airens, Grasshopper, John Deere, Scag, Walker and more. Our national parts distribution program in partnership with Stens allows us to provide you with fast-turnaround on all parts orders. Ask your Central representative for a copy of the common spare parts to carry for each make and model of machine you own.